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Submissions Are LIVE!

We are pleased to announce that submissions are live for The Upper New Review.

Graphic announcing submissions are open for The Upper New Review.

What types of submissions are we accepting?

We are currently accepting the following types of creative submissions:

We are gearing up to be able to accept and review poetry as well.

Stay tuned!

Fiction and Nonfiction

We want long form prose (up to 10,000 words).  Something that takes a little while to read.

We want short form prose (1500 – 5000 words).

Visual Art

Photography. Painting.  Illustration.  Drawing.  Sketching.  Sculpture.  3D models.  Installations.

Can you take an image of your creative works and print that image in two dimensions on a piece of paper?  That’s what counts as visual art in our book.

Surprise us!

Motion-based Work

You make moving pictures.  These moving pictures involve live action or some kind of animation.

You’re creating some kind of dynamic visual narrative that is fiction, nonfiction, or somewhere in between.

Whatever you’re creating, you can serve it up as a video that can be watched on a screen.

Performance Artists

You’re a dancer.  Or an ensemble.  You’re a mover.   You do kinetic work.

You’re a performer.

You’re an actor.  Or a troupe of actors.  It’s live theatre, indoors or outdoors.

You move through time and space.  You are creating a trail of activity as an artifact.  It’s being recorded in some way shape or form.

You’re doing something interesting that we want to see.

Recording Artists

You’re a singer, and maybe you write your own songs.  Let’s hear ‘em, loud and clear!

You’ve got a band, and you’re making some kind of original music right here in the Upper New River basin.  We want to know about it, hear it, see it, feel it.

You create spoken word recordings?  Awesome!  What have you got to say next?

You’ve been capturing atmospheric soundscapes somewhere in the Upper New River basin.  Maybe they’re just raw recordings, maybe you’ve layered in meta-level complexities for even more aural criticism.  Fantastic!  Send us a demo.

Interactive Media

You design and/or develop software applications that respond to human or nonhuman and environmental stimuli.  There is some kind of information interface for the experience people have with the virtual machine you’ve created.  

Hopefully it’s pretty to look at, but it doesn’t have to be.  It needs to work the way it’s supposed to.  Even if it’s still just a prototype.

We’re talking about hybrid digital experiences.  Kiosks.  Desktop apps.  Web apps.  Mobile apps. Smart spaces (like a room that reacts to the people inside).

Digital tools for augmented environmental exploration and understanding.

You’ve built it, it works, we want to look at the paint job, and we want to look under the hood.

Research Narratives

You’re conducting research.  That means you’re a researcher.

You might be focused in the sciences, the social sciences, or the humanities.

Maybe it’s just you.  Maybe it’s a collaborative team.

Maybe you’re in the lab.  Maybe you’re in the field.

Maybe you’re doing interdisciplinary work.  Maybe you’re doing transdisciplinary work.

Maybe, just maybe, you’re defying the disciplines.  Maybe you’re completely undisciplined, in a good way.

Regardless: you’ve got questions, you’ve got methods, and you’ve got findings.  Maybe they’re just preliminary.  You’re still looking.  How’d you get here, and what are you going to do about it?

Data Visualization

Data Scientist.  Data Analyst.  Data Engineer.  Data Architect.  Data Storyteller.

You’re doing something with data.  Individually or collaboratively. Spatial data.  Geospatial data.  Multivariate data.  Trees, graphs, and networks. The eight visual variables.  The semiology of graphics.  Data characteristics.

Whatever you call yourself, you work with data and visualizations to make decisions (or to help others make decisions), big or small.

Data are being visualized to tell a story, preferably with high reliability and validity.  Preferably with intuitive beauty.  Not necessarily aesthetic beauty, but definitely functional beauty.

You’ve built intuitively beautiful data visualizations for sense-making through what might be an interactive narrative. Maybe they’re static, maybe they’re dynamic.

How do I send in my submissions?

We use Submittable to manage all our submissions. Full submission guidelines are available there. You can also read our submission guidelines here.

Several times a year we will offer a limited number of FREE submissions (usually there is a nominal fee for submissions).

If you or someone you know would like to increase the number of subsidized slots we can offer, please consider Paying It Forward!

By The Upper New Review

The Upper New Review is an environmental literary arts magazine based in the Upper New River basin, which intersects the states of North Carolina and Virginia in the United States of America in present-day North America. We are seeking out place-based creative works from all over the globe.