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Short Story Submissions Open

The Upper New Review is accepting your short story submissions from Sept 30 until October 14, 2023.  We are seeking short stories from all across the globe.

That’s right – send us your short stories from anywhere in the world!

Whenever you’re ready, visit our submittable page to submit your short story before the deadline.  Don’t wait! 

Calls For Submissions News

Submission Prompt: Get The Beat!

Our next round of submission windows are going to be our first set to follow a submission prompt: get the beat. In this case, we’re basing the prompt on one of the principles of “Systems Wisdom” formed by Donella “Dana” Meadows.

Two Waves of Submission Windows

We have two waves of submission windows with separate submission periods, beginning June 30 and ending July 29.

Below are direct links to each Submission type, once they become available. You can also visit our Submittable page to view all available submission opportunities as they go live.

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Upper New Review(er)s

The Upper New Review(er) Team is growing!

We have been absolutely amazed with how quickly The Upper New Review Team is growing.  We started taking applications for Reviewers in late February, and the team has already grown to over two dozen folks!

Where Are The Members Of The Review Team?

We’re excited that many of the reviewers live right here in the Upper New River Basin, but we’ve also been impressed by the response we’ve received from across the United States!  We’ve got reviewers in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina (outside of the Upper New River Basin), Ohio, and Tennessee.

Calls For Submissions News

Submissions Are LIVE!

We are pleased to announce that submissions are live for The Upper New Review.

Graphic announcing submissions are open for The Upper New Review.

What types of submissions are we accepting?