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The Upper New is an educational nonprofit organization focused on incidental learning through engaging multimedia experiences in service of systems wisdom and ecological literacy.

The mission of The Upper New is to seek out and foster place-based creative work in the watersheds of the world as an avenue for humans’ continued individual and collective growth toward ecological literacy and increased practice of environmental stewardship.

Ecological Literacy

As a learning focused organization, The Upper New is creating opportunities for people to challenge their conceptions and perceptions of reality (and our relationships with this reality), as a form of environmental education, so to speak.

We’re building a variety of learning experience projects and materials to foster ecological literacy. We’re adding new pages as often as possible. Check out our Eco Challenges, consider writing an eco-critical review proposal, read more about the HUCs (watersheds) of The Upper New basin, and consider our perspective on what it means to form a sense of place!

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The Upper New Review

We envision The Upper New Review to continue to take root and grow across platforms as an environmental literary arts hybrid digital multimodal media publication focused on place-based expression of creativity in all its forms.

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We intend for The Upper New Review to be a place-based socio-cultural archive for bioregionalism, ecological literacy,  and sense of place headquartered in the Upper New River basin, as a model for the watershed communities of the world.  We hope our curation and publication efforts serve as an entry portal to a much deeper understanding of our relationships with the natural world and its ecological complexities, wherever we may be on Earth.

We intend for the magazine to serve as a conversation starter and a conceptual home for critical thinking, systems wisdom, ecological literacy, and a sense of place.

The Upper New Review embodies the environmental humanities.

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At The Upper New Review, we are seeking out place-based creative works around the globe.

Check our submission opportunities. They vary throughout the year.

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